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Our Story begins in 2016, with two people and a dream


We left behind family, friends, the 

culture we grew up in, places dear to our souls and food dear to our bellies. 

Of course, everything from back home is alive and cherished in our heart. 

But a heart, my dear, is no place for a pizza to live... 

So we found a way to fill our bellies and our hearts at the same time: we brought the real taste of our favourite Roman street food all the way to YYC.


A gift from our hearts to yours.

"If it slices for you, that's Pizza On The Fly"

Anna, Owner

"I have an affair with pizza: ​let's say that is a kind of bread, love, and carbohydrates"

Julia Roberts

"Oscar, sex, gelato and pizza: if I had all these for the rest of my life, I'd be happy" 

Dustin Hoffman

"Italians have their own fast food forever...

it's pizza!"

Luciano De


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